Download the 1099 Summary Form 


Please note that the 1099 filing deadline is earlier than in prior years.  Form 1099 must be mailed to the recipient and filed with the Internal Revenue Service and Massachusetts Department of Revenue by January 31, 2018.

If you would like Sharkansky to prepare the 1099 Form for you, please complete 1099 Summary Form and return it to our office by January 24, 2018.  

You may return the Summary Form to us by:

We strongly urge you to comply with these reporting requirements.  Failure to comply may result in substantial penalties from the IRS.


Who needs a 1099?

Payments made to individuals (sole proprietors), partnerships, or other unincorporated businesses for services (such as consulting, attorney or accounting fees, contract labor, commissions, rent, office cleaning, etc.) totaling $600 or more, are required to be reported by a business on Form 1099. 

Payments made to Corporations for legal services totaling $600 or more are also required to be reported by a business on Form 1099. 

Additionally, Form 1099 is required for payments of more than $10.00 of interest to an individual or unincorporated business.