Accounting and Auditing

How’s business? If you work with Sharkansky on your accounting and auditing, you’ll be able to answer this question with confidence. We’ll arm you with the financial reports you need to better understand your business’ financial state.

What Clients Say

"With Sharkansky, it's not just all numbers. They treat the whole person and the whole business."

Alan Colman, Atsco Footwear

"I highly recommend Sharkansky. It is a pleasure working with such professional, competent, and caring people."

Joe Gilbody, EDI Specialists, Inc. and B2B Contact, Inc.

"My Sharkansky team is efficient, timely, professional and thorough. I've been working with them for over 20 years; they are excellent."

Angelo Diodati, Abbot Building Restoration Co. Inc.

"Exceptional professional service with a personal touch."

Monique Robitaille & Rob Robitaille, G. Brouillette and Son, Inc.