We’re making businesses stronger, smarter, and more valuable.

Led by Jay Pike, our team of Value Growth Advisors genuinely enjoys the process of working with business owners to improve their companies in tremendous ways. We do this through the thoughtful use of the Value Opportunity Profile and by facilitating the strategic planning process.

There are currently 5.6 million small-to-medium size businesses in the US and 70% are expected to try to change ownership by the year 2025. Given the existing demographic trends, there will be many more sellers than buyers over that time. The result is that valuations will suffer and some companies may not find buyers at any price.

You need to identify, prioritize, and implement initiatives to maximize the value of your business over 3 – 5 years. But perhaps you are at the stage of needing the basic building blocks of accurate and timely financial reports on which to make decisions. Or maybe you’re ready to start improving your gross margins and eliminate needless operating and administrative costs.


Interested in Working on Your Business? Sharkansky can help.


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